How We Give

Animal Science Funding Opportunities

These endowments below help support the animal science programs. 

  • Warren G. Myers - Supports the development of the Maryland 4-H Livestock Program
  • William A. Curry - Established in 1995 to support the Maryland 4-H Livestock Program
  • Morris/Campbell - In recognition of John Morris and Lewis Campbell to support the Maryland 4-H Dairy Program
  • Sallie Robertson - Raises money to send 4-Hers with horse projects to national contests including Quarter Horse Congress in Ohio and Eastern National Horse Round-Up in Louisville, KY. Here they compete in horse related contests such as horse judging, horse bowl, hippology, and communications
  • John B. Merryman - Supports the development of the Maryland 4-H Dairy Program
  • Naomi R. Brown - Provides backing for the Maryland 4-H Dairy Goat Program
  • Chuck Wabeck - Supports the Maryland 4-H Poultry and small animal projects
  • International Dairy Judging - Supports the International dairy judging trip.
  • Lee Majeskie 4-H Youth Education Scholarship - The Maryland Dairy industry experienced a tough loss in 2008 with the passing of J. Lee Majeskie. In his honor, the Maryland 4-H Foundation is accepting donations to support this endowment to keep the Maryland 4-H Dairy program growing and expanding into the future. $4,000 is still needed for the endowment.
  • Washington County Equestrian Scholarship - Established to support Washington County, Maryland youth in their advanced degrees who participated in Equestrian project area
  • Harford County Livestock Scholarship - This scholarship is still forming to support Harford County, Maryland youth
  • Baltimore County Livestock Scholarship - A scholarship award is given each year from the Baltimore County Livestock Sale Committee to a 4-H member from Baltimore County, Maryland who participate in livestock projects

Animal Science Programs

  • Livestock Judging
  • Livestock Skillathon
  • Livestock Roundup
  • Poultry Judging
  • Dog Bowl
  • Horse Bowl, Horse Judging, Communications, Jamboree, Hippology
  • Rabbit Juding
  • Quality Assurance
  • And More
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About The Foundation

The Maryland 4-H Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1959 with the purpose of funding national trips Maryland state 4-H events Maryland county grants and programs awards scholarships and endowments for Maryland 4-H youth.

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