How We Give

Leadership Development

  • Mylo Downey (Maryland 4-H Leader 1943-1954) - Promotes Volunteer Development
  • C.W. & E.L. St. Clair - furthers youth leadership development through sponsoring the Camp Miniwanca experience
    Dorothy Emerson - Promotes leadership development
  • Mary Lou Cox - Funds youth traveling to National 4-H Congress
  • Angus/Payne Endowment - supports programs in the area of volunteer development
  • Martha Lumpkins Morris - Funds youth travelling to National 4-H Congress
  • International Youth Development Exchange Program - provides support to the IFYE program
  • Trip to National 4-H Congress - The Senior State Communications Contest and Senior Maryland 4-H Fashion Revue Winners can apply for a trip to National 4-H Congress – a winning portfolio will be chosen and two delegates, one from Communications and one from Fashion Revue, will represent the state of Maryland.

Maryland 4-H Diamond Clover Program

The full name of the award is the Diamond Clover 4-H Award Program, available for the first time in 2003. Maryland is believed to be first in the nation to offer this type of award. The award consists of six levels that each require a 4-Her to plan and accomplish a broad range of age-appropriate tasks, acquiring valuable life skills as they progress. The Diamond Clover is designed to enable every 4-H member willing to exert the effort, regardless of how they are engaged in 4-H, to be successful. This award is a new form of recognition and is not intended as a replacement for existing awards. The Diamond Clover should also be considered optional, as requiring 4-Hers to participate is not appropriate. The Diamond Clover is designed with six levels, each with a corresponding gem stone identifier: Level One– Amethyst, Two – Aquamarine, Three – Ruby, Four – Sapphire, Five –Emerald and Six – Diamond. Click here for more information.

National Leadership Trips

Did you know it costs almost $2,000 to send a Maryland 4-H Youth Representative to the National 4-H Congress? Please consider sponsoring a once in a lifetime opportunity for Maryland 4-H youth to attend this national leadership development conference.

  • National 4-H Congress
  • National 4-H Conference
  • Camp Miniwanca
  • Older Members 4-H Camp - West Virginia
  • Virginia 4-H Congress

Volunteer Service Awards

Did you know that the Maryland 4-H Foundation purchases special awards for 4-H volunteers for their time of service? Consider a gift to help support the small cost of these awards in recognition of the time, talents and treasures that our wonderful volunteers provide for our Maryland 4-H youth.

About The Foundation

The Maryland 4-H Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1959 with the purpose of funding national trips Maryland state 4-H events Maryland county grants and programs awards scholarships and endowments for Maryland 4-H youth.

Maryland 4-H Foundation office map

Maryland 4-H Foundation Inc.

8020 Greenmead Drive
College Park, Maryland 20740

Phone: 301-314-7835
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